Friday, June 5, 2009

::al utlah jameelah::

taman negara floating restaurant
floating restaurant

passionate faraulah's heart

in the creepy spm seminar in amansari...
amansari view..
lil adorable tarzan in the taman negara,,,
wonderful vacation..
the fear factor canopy walk..soo height
boat riding..
SALAM~~ little time so much to do..this hols i feel like i'm enjoying myself soo much.. after exam mayb..but the real major exm are creeping by day by it almost few months away..sometimes i feel like giving up..spm subject is too tough.kind of.pails of tears dropin' by.tension?.but my lovely sister said that..

the moment of failure begins when start to feel like we cannot do the things..
the moment of exhilaration begins when we rise up and overcome the fear..

for this semester hols i just be given one from two weeks i can deal with dat..dah after the seminar of the creepy spm at the amansari in kuantan in the beginning of the hols..i went back to my temerloh and the day after that my dad took me and fam for a vacation in taman first i feel like tired of camp. but when i be there my mind was programmed to like the taman negara because it so cool. we stayed at the rainforest resort, for 3 days and 2 night..theres soo much fun . canopy walkway, rapid shooting..jungle know go jungle tracking with family is so much fun.

for this holiday i had read this so fun-filled amazing book by ustaz hasrizal, or you know who..saiful islam..the title is 'rindu bau pohon tin",,i think this is the must read book of touch my heart and urged my tear to rolling down.. it tell me how i should behave like a muslim stedent.especially malay student who had all the books, money, schools, hostel, tables, friends..but why we cannot be like muslmin stedent? tak cukup lagi ke? this is call kufur nikmat..

we at the maahad will having a quran test for juz 1 till 4.. it hard for me..tough..but i'll do my best..because i not kind of masyi now i is repeating the juz 3..quite easy than juz 4.. but i believe..this is the holy quran.. this is the God words,, to keep the words in our chest is so challenging.. must keep our senses everytimes...i begged who read this please pray for me..

for this holiday i'm glad that i 'd found this great zain bikha title my mum is amazing and flowers are red..soo touching...

so i think just dis for now..soo much to do next.. ya muqallibal qulub..tsabbit qulubuna 'ala dinik wa 'ala to 'atik..i love all of you who reading this lillah.. <3>


adwin H said...

salam fisa~
waah..kali ni cuti panjang la ek
manfaatkan la cuti anda sepenuhnya~
lagi seminggu jek tinggal

preciousnafisah said...

mekasih wiinnn

adysuR said...

Salam ziarah~

Tak lama lagi trial n SPM.
Maat taufiq wannajah fil imtihan =)

Mira ❤ said...

all d best 2u my friends..
sronoknye dpt mghafal alquran..=)
im proud of u fisa..

*slm perjuangan dri rknmu di Penang*